What is Padma Sadhna? It is a Hindi term (Hindi is a national language of India). Padma implies lotus as well as Sadhna is effort. As well as is the art of experiencing reflection through yoga exercise postures. The yoga exercise stances in Padma Sadhna is such that a person stance compliments the various other. It’s essential to follow the sequence that has actually been set by Sri Ravi Shankar (owner of Art Of Living). Art Of Living instructors say, when the yoga exercise stances are done appropriately, after that the sequence comes to be a meditative experience by itself. It is very important to do it with the appropriate attitude and also the ideal feeling to obtain the very best out of it. This time at HNBT we have decided to upgrade you all that you need to understand regarding Padma Sadhna, its sequence and postures.

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Doing Padma Sadhana before Sudarshan Kriya deepens our experience as well as takes us deeper into meditation. It assists in focusing our mind and also awareness. Make this yoga exercise an everyday component of your early morning and also night technique. The whole Padma Sadhana sequence is 40-minute long, which consists of 10 minutes of yoga exercise stances, 5 minutes of pranayama (breathing strategy), 20 mins of reflection, again adhered to by 5 minutes of pranayama.

Sri states doing this yoga provides you accessibility to your internal strength. When exercised daily, this 45-minute series of yoga exercise presents can cause a calmer mind, much healthier body and more serenity. This set of stylish yoga exercise asanas (stances) aids prepare the body and also mind for deeper reflection. Among the key pointers is to remain relaxed throughout the method. Doing Padma Sadhana before Sudarshan Kriya improves your experience, so that you continue to be uplifted throughout the day, untouched by the mud around you.

History Of Padma Sadhna

In the Agama custom it is stated that the Devi (Goddess) remains on a 5 split seat or asana. The base of this seat is a turtle, which stands for security. The second layer is the snake, which represents understanding. Above the snake rests the lion, it symbolizes grace. Over the lion sits the Siddha, The Perfect Sage. As well as over the ideal sage rests the lotus, the symbol of complete blossoming.

When our asanas have all these 5 top qualities– Stability, Awareness, Grace, Perfection and also Full blossoming, then the divinity dawns in us which is Padma Sadhana. It wholly refers to the blossoming of the mind, body and heart via the practice of these asanas. It releases numerous optimum hormonal agents in the blood stream as well as induces serenity and also consistency, boosting one’s performance, dynamism, guts and also commitment.



Close your eyes.

This divine yoga exercise ought to be begun with Nari Shodhan Pranayam. For doing this pranayam, you must rest in Ardh Padmasan or Purna Padmasan. Left hand positioned on knee in chin mudra i.e. thumb touching the index finger and also other 3 fingers extended. Put your index as well as middle finger of the other hand in between 2 eyebrows. Take a breath in from one nostril the other way around. Use your thumb and also ring finger to keep the non-active nostril shut. Adhering to are padma sadhana actions:

Step 1#

Body Rotation : Sit in the padmasan. Take a deep breathe in and start revolving your body. 4 times right and also the other way around. Take in as you go down and vice versa.

Step 2#

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Ardh Sulbhasana( Half Cicada Pose) : Lie on your tummy. Lift one leg. Your knee of the lifted leg should not be touching the flooring. Hands ought to be side of the body. Hand facing the sky. Do this with the other leg as well.

Step 3#

Purna Sulbhasana (Complete Locust Posture) : Lie on your belly. Hands at hand as well as hands facing the sky. Raise both your legs with each other. Knees must not touch the floor.

Step 4#


Bhujangasan(Cobra Pose) : Hands near your should. Increase your body with the support of your arms. Push your torso in reverse with face to the sky.

Step 5#
Viprit Sulbhasana( Superman Pose) : Do the Purna Sulbhasan and hand must be extended in front in such a fashion such that the feet as well as hands are in the exact same level.

Step 6#
Dhanurasan(Bow Pose) : Hold the very first finger of your each foot with your hand and also pull your body backwards.

Step 7#
Rest in Makarasana.

Step 8#


Naukasan(Boat Pose) : Lie on your back. Raise your legs straight up with your hands directing to them and also palms encountering each other.

Step 9#

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Ardh Pawan Mukt Asana (Alternating knee press) : Fold up among your legs at the knees, lock arms over knees and bring it to your chest. Try touching your knees with your nose. Do this with the various other leg as well.

Step 10#

Purna Pawan Mukt Asana (Both knee press) : Bring both your knees to your upper body, lock arms over knees and try touching them with your nose.

Step 11#


Sarvangasana( Shoulder stand Pose) : Raise your body to the sky by sustaining your waistline with your hands.

Step 12#

Natraj Asana( Dancing Shiva Posture) : Cross your left knee over the ideal knee as well as try touching the floor with it. Hands stretched normally on either sides. Do this with both the legs.

Step 13#

Rest in Dead Body Asana. Turn to your best side as well as sit up.

Step 14#

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Ardh Macchendra Asana( Spine Twist Posture) : Cross your best leg over the left as well as location it merely next to the left thigh. Hold your left knee with your right-hand man. Recall from the left side.

Step 15#

Parvat Asana(Mountai pose) : Sit in complete or half padmasan. Elevate both your hands from either side and signs up with the palms, as well as pull on your own up.

Step 16#

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Yog Mudra : Clench the fist of your appropriate hand. Take it back. Hold the wrist of best hand with the left. Bow down.

Do Nari Shodhan Pranayam.


For finest results do Sudarshan Kriya Yoga( SKY) after Padma Sadhna.

**This yoga is showed in Fine art Of Living courses like DSN( Divya Samaj Nirman) Course and also Fine art Of Silence( Component II) Course.

Few points has to be remembered while doing Padma Sadhna:

  • Meditation acts most ideal when done at ease. Your body shouldn’t be shaky while doing any kind of position. It needs to be made comfy but firm.
  • Be well mindful of your surroundings. When you are mindful regarding your environments after that you can be in today now. This is the major purpose of this yoga. It brings you in today moment. Feel your breath as well as you inhale and out.
  • Feel the flow of each pose. The elegance of each position is really felt when the pose flows from one to another. Do them gently and also don’t be too severe with your body.
  • Try to reach perfection in every pose of it. Don’t overdo the presents. Remember yoga exercise doesn’t cause any injury to you as long as you are doing it correctly.
  • Go beyond your body. Padma Sadhna aids in increasing one’s possibility via practice.

PS: Padma Sadhna is to be done under professional support for the first time.

Thus we can see exactly how essential it is to include Padma Sadhna in our workout program. Another importance of this yoga exercise is, it instructs you to bloom like a lotus in mud without being impacted by it. This is likewise a complete body workout as each pose is indicated to cause firmness in us. The strength of exercise in this process is so high that it causes calorie loss also after workout. It offers you an immense mental as well as emotional boost. It educates you to take a control over your feelings as well as not let them control you.

Thus it’s suggested to do it very early morning. It should be done on a mat. You could do Surya Namaskar adhered to by Padma Sadhna and also ultimately finishing it with Sudarshan Kriya. If you believe we have missed out anything on this yoga, do share them with us below in HNBT.