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When the summer solstice shows up, you may desire to celebrate with your passion for yoga. The changing of the seasons is just one of minority all-natural sensation that marks the death of time in a concrete means. You can attach to this natural time change with your yogic technique, balancing on your own with the time as well as obtaining a much deeper connection when it comes to the sun and the changing of the seasons. When it comes to a little focus on timing and also instructions, you can make your annual summertime solstice habit a time of renewal.

Planning a Summertime Solstice Ritual

The essential component of your summer season solstice practice sequence is planning.


Timing is a vital part of any type of summertime solstice routine. The solstice comes with various times on various days every year. It’s necessary to start with understand the day of the summer solstice. The day will certainly be different in the Northern Hemisphere compared to it is in the Southern Hemisphere, as the seasons are reversed. Additionally, the solstice actually starts at a particular time of day. Individuals desiring to truly sync themselves when it comes to the periods via a yoga ritual ought to discover the accurate time of the solstice and start their routine at or around this time.

Direction and Location

The sun rises in the east, making this instructions essential for a solar adoration. You can make use of a compass to discover specifically where the east is, permitting you to praise the sunlight from the place that it enters your globe. You might additionally wish to pick a location that has special significance for you when it come to the sunlight. This can be as easy as an attractive, peaceful location where you like to enjoy the sun increase. It could additionally be a city beyond of the globe. The integral part is that the place contribute to yogic method as well as directly substantial for you.

Practice Sequence

Many yoga exercise experts find out the Sunlight Salutation Sequence early in their training. This is a superb means to welcome the sun on any day, however during the summer season solstice, this series has even higher significance. Sunlight Salutations consist of a set of yoga exercise poses performed in a certain order:

  1. Mountain: Stand when it comes to your feet about a shoulder’s size apart, when it comes to arms in the petition position. Take a few deep breaths.
  2. Extended Hill: On an inhale, slowly elevate your arms over your head as well as bend in reverse regarding you comfortable can.
  3. Standing Onward Bend: On an exhale, bend ahead from the midsection, touching your hands to your feet as well as bending your knees if you must.
  4. Plank: Exhale, after that extend both your legs back right into something resembling a pushup in the up position.
  5. Low Plank: Exhale as well as lower yourself right into a pushup in the down position. Make sure that just your feet as well as hands are touching the floor.
  6. Cobra or Upward Canine: On an inhale, bring your neck, head as well as breast up while leaving your legs on the ground. In Upward Pet, rise on the arms totally, turning the head back.
  7. Downward Pet dog: Bring your head down as well as raise your hips into the air on an exhale.
  8. Walk, action, or hop your feet behind your hands at the front of the mat.
  9. Repeat Standing Forward Bend.
  10. Repeat Extended Mountain.
  11. Complete your routine by relaxing in Mountain Pose.

Celebrating Summer

A summertime solstice solar adoration is something that you could do by on your own or with others that desire to celebrate the altering of the periods. You could incorporate your solstice yoga ritual with a celebration, a special meal, or celebration to note the changing of the periods. You could also spend the day in privacy, quietly as well as mindfully practicing meditation on the qualities of the year passed and also just what you hope to obtain from the coming year.